Our Red Rose hard wax beads are a must-have for anyone who wants to flaunt a smooth, hairless skin all month!

These incredible wax beads are super-effective when it comes to yanking hair off and delaying the hair regrowth process. If you’re someone who dreads waxing like anything because it hurts like a… well you get the picture – we recommend you grab these ''RED ROSE'' Hard wax Beads to get it over with in half the time and fuss.

These hard wax beads can be used both at home and by professionals as well. The high quality resin is characterized by high plasticity and gets really creamy when heated. 

Suitable for removing coarse to fine hair from smaller area such as eyebrow, upper lip, chin, sideburn, fingers and toes.


  • Hydrogenated rosin, Titanium dioxide, Resin acids and rosin acids, esters with glycerol and triethylene glycol, paraffin waxes and hydrocarboned waxes, benzoic acid