The Privatory Mini Wax Warmer kit is an portable war warmer designed for beginner or professional.  Simple and easy to use at home or beauty salon.

Suitables for all types of skin and hair.  Remove all types of body hair and anywhere you find unwanted hair. 


Kit contains:


* 1 Electric Mini Wax Warmer

* 10 large spatulas  6"

* 10 small spatulas 4.5"

* 250 g wax tablets


  • * Professional Facial wax warmer

    * Non stick pot, easy to clean

    * Auto keep-warm function

    * 1 year warranty repair or replacement

    • Place wax tablets into your Facial wax warmer
    • Switch on and turn the knob button to Max and wait 30 min.
    • The indicator light lighting, warmer start working.
    • Lower the temperature wait and let cool for 10 min.
    • Wax should have a creamy consistency.
    • Test wax's temperature on wrist before application.
    • Prepare your skin for waxing using Pre-cleanser.
    • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.
    • After the wax dry, peel of the wax quickly, pulling it back in the opposite direction to hair growth.
    • Finish by applying after care oil