Grappling with ingrown hair?

We bet, it can get really frustrating to deal with ingrown hair. You go through so much – self-prep talks, pain and more – to shave hair off your skin, only to end up spotting hair bumps still staring at you. Now it’s time to bid them farewell.

This bump-busting serum battles razor bumps and ingrown hairs without drying out your skin. It’s packed with nutrients that can penetrate the skin to help prevent and treat the aftereffects of hair removal, so you can enjoy a baby-soft smoothness on your body. The formula feels very soothing and calming to apply and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and renewed.

Apply it before and after hair removal to maximize the effects! Hands down, it’s the holy grail of persistent ingrown hair!





  • Apply a few drops into your hand daily after showering on pubic region, legs, arms, armpits, chest and face. Rub in until absorbed.